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The Baltic Surveyors League


About us

Baltic Independent Experts & Marine Surveyors Muuga Ltd. (BINEMS MUUGA Ltd.) an independent survey company started working in August 1995. Nowdays the company is acting in the European market of marine surveys and inspections of different types of cargoes delivered from and shipped to any port all over the world.
BINEMS MUUGA Ltd. is able to render competent services in the field of various marine surveys, inspections, quality control  of any type of cargo at loading/discharge into any means of transport.

Since beginning of the company activities the basic principles of our company are professionalism, unprejudiced attitude and efficiency thanks to which different European and worldwide clients, insurance companies and other participants in marine business have become our customers.

BINEMS MUUGA Ltd. is an official body of the customs control acting as per accreditation certificate L164, granted by Estonian Accreditation Centre.

BINEMS MUUGA Ltd. is a full member of the Estonian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and has the right to issue Certificate of Origin of goods.
BINEMS MUUGA Ltd. is a real and full member of Baltic Survey League; Certificate No. 007, surveyors of our company have been trained and certified by Baltic Survey League individually.