The company started with 5 tallymen, 2 experts and two managers 12 years ago - now the team of BINEMS MUUGA Ltd. consists of 25 surveyors and inspectors full time basis and 15 people which are hired in case of necessity. Our surveyors’ experience of work in this field of business varies from 3 till 10 years.

We have in our team people of experience as deep sea Captains, Chief Mate, technical specialist, electro-mechanical specialist, chemistry specialist, some of experts are former Estonian Chamber of Industry & Commerce staff.

Our personnel being at your disposal 24 hours a day are trained properly and equipped well. Every inspector or surveyor to be able to do any kind of inspections, measurements, sampling or surveys has lap tops, set of sieves, electronic scales, samplers, dividers, digital cameras.

At rendering our services besides performance job we are doing whatever is possible to protect interests of our client and to eliminate any risks:
- duly information to the client about the course of inspection or any discrepancies found,
- settlement of disputes through professional actions agreed with stevedores, ship’s administration and other involved parties,
- duly and correct issuance of necessary documents, e.g. Letter of Reserve, Letter of Indemnity, Letter of Protest which will allow our client to take adequate measures in future.

On completion of job performance the following documents issued on results:
  • Certificate of holds/container/railcar/ Cleanliness,
  • Final tally report (if bagged cargo inspected)
  • Final Loading report (if bulk cargo inspected)
  • Draft Survey report (if bulk cargo inspected)
  • Certificate of Quantity,
  • Certificate of Quality.
If any other documentary instructions from the client recieved we are able to meet these requirements according to his request.